How to Create a Podcast and launch it on itunes – Part 1 of 9

Podcasts can prove to be yet another invaluable source of traffic as many people , particularly those who own an iphone or ipad, have 24/7 access to iTunes, the most popular podcast directory available today.

The ability to create a podcast is no longer limited to the techies of this world and as long as you have the passion and time to create your very own podcast, it is very possible to have your podcast listed on itunes, just a few days from now.

If you have a subject you are passionate about, or have something of value to share with your tribe, then podcasts might just be a vital part of your marketing mix

So in order to answer all questions relating to this topic, I have created a complete video training series . The process is based on a wordpress based website and runs a plugin from blubrry. The best thing about this process is all the resources required are 100% free and available on the internet!

The Video Series will cover:

  • How to install the Plugin
  • Configuring the Plugin
  • Recording a Podcast Episode using Audacity
  • Tagging the mp3 Files
  • Creating Your First Episode
  • Publishing to iTunes